Q: What is EP ONLINE?

A: EP ONLINE is a travel booking platform powered by European Passage Ltd..


Q: Which services are available on EP ONLINE?

A: At present only HOTEL service is available but we are continuously working on some other services & will update very shortly.


Q: All prices are commissionable?

A: No all prices are net payable & non-commissionable, but you can add your own mark up from “User Admin” page.


Q: Can I make another user?

A: Yes, you can make another user belongs to same Agency ID. Go to “User Admin” page, click on “Add a new user account”


Q: How can I edit my user details

A: Go to “User Admin” page, click on “Edit current user details”


Q: What if I am facing any technical difficulty

A: Please contact support@eponline.co.uk


Q: How to change password?

A: Go to “User Admin”


Q: What if I have any question regarding new booking or general query.

A: Go to “Messages” section & write message to us.



Q: What if I have any query about existing booking?

A: Option 1: Go to “messages “, Click New Message, Select Category, Select EP REFERENCE NO.

     Option 2:  Go to “Manage Booking”, Click new message or reply in related Messages